Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Mr E Cairns

72 Hillhouse Street


26 January 2016



Ms Lena Wilson

Chief Executive

Scottish Enterprise

Atrium Court

50 Waterloo Street




Dear Ms Wilson,

In your letter to Ms Patricia Ferguson MSP on 30 May 2012 you stated that I had already been told that unless I had new evidence Scottish Enterprise would not continue to correspond with me.

Recently I was reviewing documents relating to this issue. Over the years I have obtained a very large number of documents in subject access disclosures from several sources under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Among these documents I discovered a bank statement dated 24 August 1993 which is for an RBS account in the name of Gary Tracey, c/o Enterprise Ayrshire, with a balance of £187,000.

This proves that Mr Gary Tracey had taken personal control of this substantial amount of taxpayers' cash, apparently with the agreement of Ms Janie Maxwell, Mr Andrew Downie and Mr Tom Woodbridge in the light of my experience at the time.  

If I had taken £100 from the petty cash in Enterprise Ayrshire and deposited it in an RBS account in the name of Eddie Cairns, c/o Enterprise Ayrshire I believe I would be breaking the law.

I requested an investigation into this matter by Police Scotland on the grounds of this new evidence, a copy of which is attached, and today I gave a written statement to two detectives.

Now that this evidence has been brought to your attention are you going to continue pretending that my concerns were not justified? How did an employee of Enterprise Ayrshire come to have £187,000 of taxpayers’ cash at his disposal? In due course such questions will be put to you by the general public.

You may have heard in the news recently that not following up evidence of financial irregularities is regarded as culpable by the prosecuting authorities.

Yours sincerely,

                                    Eddie Cairns.

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